gps on guard tracking

Using Advanced Technology to Safeguard your Site

Cypress Security’s services are integrated with GPS-on-Guard Tracking technology which sets us apart as an innovative leader in security services. GPS-on-Guard Tracking is a specialized multi-faceted tracking system developed by our management team which allows you as the business owner to remotely monitor the guards on-site. With this advanced technology you can be certain that you are receiving the highest level of service.

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Guard Tracking

GPS-on-Guard is an advanced level tracking software which records the real-time movement of the guard premises; this can be viewed anytime from anywhere.

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Our 24-hour monitoring network has around the clock security monitoring specialists who keep watch on each site so you don't have to. In case of incidents or emergencies on site the monitoring specialists will contact the guard and if they are unresponsive, the Supervisor is immediately dispatched to the site.



Guards can upload incident reports with pictures, which you can view immediately from your office, home, or on your mobile device


Solitary worker protection

Our GPS device features a panic button which the onsite guard can press incase of an emergency and help is dispatched immediately.

Secure Scan

We have a Secure Scan System which constructs a QR code that can be scanned anywhere it's needed. This ensures guard activity is monitered even in areas where a GPS signal won't reach, like an underground area.